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About Kathy


1976 Datsun 710

 Kathy had this car for 27 years and really loved it.




2008 Ford Escape

We happened on this car.  It was hard to get Kathy to give up the 710, but now she really likes this one.

About Larry

 I like to ride motorcycles and ride with a group of guys from the local chapter of GWRRA.  My bikes are below.


1981 Yamaha Exciter 185

This was my first bike.  It was mostly used for a commuter bike for a short distance.  It got 75 mpg and was great as long as I didn't go too far.


1982 Honda GoldWing Interstate  1100

When my commute got longer I needed a bigger bike.  I also needed the storage space to carry essentials.


 1998 Honda GoldWing Aspencade  1500

This was not meant to replace the 1100.  I had other ideas for this one.


Lehman GTL Trike Conversion

I converted the 1500 to a trike so that I could extend my riding and commuting season.


2018 GoldWind Tourer  1800

When the new GoldWing came out I had a look.  Liked what I saw and I even fit on it, so I added this one.


Current Stable

So I kept the trike and traded the 1100 in on the new bike and these are what I have now